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At Parker Nexgen®, we produce a full range of high quality flexible thermoplastic hose and tubing on state-of-the-art equipment. We provide fast service, exceptional quality and competitive pricing. The category boxes are designed to help you narrow your search and will provide information about our product lines in the category.  The complete 2009 catalog can also be downloaded via the link below, or, you can download individual pages from the table below.  If you have not received a new catalog please contact us for a copy. 

2008 CATALOG All links are in PDF format

Trade Name

Description Page
TUBING (non-reinforced)
100 Clear PVC Tubing FDA, USP, NSF Listed 4
106 NEXCOL Colored PVC Tubing 5
106 NEXCOL HSG Aeration Tubing 6
115 NEXPRIME T Fuel Resistant Tubing 5
400 NEXPOLY Natural LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing 7
400 NEXPOLY Colored LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing 7
420 NEXFLO Pure Water and Beverage FDA LLDPE Tubing 8
439 / 440 NEXVA T EVA Tubing 8
701 NEXTHANE ES Ester Based Polyurethane Tubing 9
702 NEXTHANE ET Ether Based Polyurethane Tubing 9
709 NEXSYN G55 EPDM TPV Tubing General Purpose 10
714 NEXSYN F65 EPDM TPV Tubing ANSI/NSF 61 Compliant 10
791 NEXSIL Natural FDA Silicone Tubing 11
HOSE (reinforced)
125 NEXBRAID SW Standard Wall Reinforced Clear PVC Hose, FDA, USP, NSF Listed 12
126 NEXBRAID HD Heavy Duty Reinforced Clear PVC Hose, FDA, USP, NSF Listed 12
128 NEXBRAID PW Pure Water Hose ANSI/NSF 61 and Proposition 65 Compliant 13
140 NEXWIRE Clear Food Grade Vacuum Transfer Hose 13
150 NEXLO AIR HOSE General Purpose PVC Air Hose 14
155 NEXTRILE Premium Low Temperature Air and Water Hose 14
157 NEXLOK PREMIUM CLAMPLESS Nexlok Premium Clampless Air and Water Hose 15
160 NEXAQUA GRN Municipal and Golf Course Water Hose Green Opaque Cover 15
161 NEXAQUA CLR Municipal and Golf Course Water Hose Transparent Green Cover 15
162 NEXAQUA RT Marine Water Hose, Red Tracer 16
164 NEXAQUA BT Marine Water Hose, Blue Tracer 16
202 NEXSPRAY U600 600 PSI Polyurethane/PVC Spray Hose Yellow Cover 17
203 NEXSPRAY U800 800 PSI Polyurethane/PVC Spray Hose Green Cover 17
268 NEXSPRAY 600 PSI Yellow PVC Spray Hose 17
450 NEXVA 12 Reinforced EVA Hose 18
715 NEXSYN H61 EPDM TPV Hot Water Hose NSF 61 Compliant 18
475 NEXWRAP Spiral Wrap Chafe Guard, Harness 19
401 NEXSHEAR Hose and Tubing Cutter 19
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Nexgen manufactures high quality hose and tubing using these materials: Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC Nitrile PVC - NPVC LDPE - Low Density Poly Ethyl Vinyl Acetate - EVA Flame Retardent Polyethylene TPV - Thermoplastic Rubber FPO, TPO Urethane PVC Blends for higher temperature and abrasion resistance Metallocene - replacement for clear PVC in sensitive application Also available: Multi Layer Tubing and Hose Hose and tubing assemblies Bundled and twinned Hose and Tubing.